Shawn Dahl Out Of Chairman's Club?

  • Shawn Dahl has been removed from the Herbalife Chairman's Club official slide show - Read Now
  • Shawn Dahl has all but shut down Online Business Systems
  • has dumped Herbalife and is now braded with Veema - Read Now
  • More information about his newest investment scheme that the SEC should be taking a very close look into is called Storage Quest /, and I have more information on it's way.

Shawn Dahl

Shawn Dahl Exposed

Lead Generation & MLM Meat Grinder

When untangling the Shawn Dahl, Online Business Systems [], Herbalife [], Centurion Media Group [ - yes, Barbados], Income At Home [], Networx Online [], and [ip address: - where the majority of these websites route back to & tied to, located at 27702 Crown Valley Pkwy, Suite #D-4, #127, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 you quickly come to realize that they have very little to do with offering the everyday person home business success, and allot to do with massive lead generation, tools for the multilevel / network marketing industry, and endless chain recruiting.

Routed back to the single IP address & Ladera Ranch address listed above, there are thousands of websites offering every 'work from home' opportunity you could think of, plus all the add on tools you could possibly want to bulk up the perceived value of any MLM / pyramid scheme. says it's a 'new way to do Herbalife', and that's exacly what they are doing with other MLM's... give it a new / catchy name & flashy website, and pretend it isn't Herbalife [or Xango, or Shaklee, etc] until the last minute [keep those ugly little details in the fine print].


Shawn Dahl

Shawn Dahl is an Herbalife Chairman's Club Member, and head of Online-Business-Systems.

Shawn Dahl - Herbalife Chairman's Club Member

The same Online-Business-Systems that is handling the advertising / media placement for, which is owned / operated by Centurion Media Group [based in Barbados].

And, virtually all of their domain names [url's] route back to the same servers [ - hosting some 3,360 domains pitching every 'home business opportunity & MLM tool' under the sun] in Irvine operated by Rydell Company, LLC that's based in Ladera Ranch, California.

But is all this really about the myriad 'home business opportunites' they are pitching, along with every add-on tool for network marketing [Networx Online's Speciality & multilevel marketing - read: pyramid scheme],  or is it really about massive lead generation, lead reselling, and endless chain recruiting for every multilevel marketing sheme they can get their hands on?

Follow along as I connect the dots between the companies, their operators, the websites, document the decades of lawsuits, and expose these folks for exactly what they are ... a well-oiled hype machine designed to separate you from as much of your hard-earned money as possible, and in the shortest amount of time.

Just use Herbalife as a base example: nearly 99% of Herbalife Distributors will either lose money or never turn a profit. Herbalife - where 85% of all commissions are paid to LESS than 1% of the distributors at the top of the pyramid.